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Theres something magical about food.

They say that the food we consume says a lot about who we are as a person. Some believe it quite literally defines our cellular makeup. Hudson River Foods represents an opportunity to reconstruct our world one bite at a time. It marks a change in the industry of the Hudson Valley with the cleanest manufacturing operation to sit riverside in centuries and by being the first large scale organic foods company in the Capital Region. We hope to give voice to a generation of dreamers who are ready to build the future together, one healthier bite at a time.


A Better World

Hudson River Foods is rooted in an organic culture that complements our belief and commitment to healthier lifestyles and an environment reminiscent of rural and flourishing nature. We are committed to environmentally responsible business practices and sustainable, all natural foods. 

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Our Brands

Hudson River Foods is made up of some of the best brands in the Health Foods Industry. Our determination to bring you the highest quality foods is found in each and every one of the products that bears our name.