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a nutritionally responsible company

The food we consume has a profound impact on who we are and how we feel. Some believe it quite literally defines our cellular makeup. At Hudson River Foods, we make quality foods that meet the needs and expectations of today‚Äôs consumers. We represent an opportunity to promote wellbeing and reconstruct our world one bite at a time. We march into the future with our family of brands providing organic, non-GMO, kosher, vegan, plant-based, allergen free and superfood options so you can enjoy healthier foods for a healthy life.


A Better World

Hudson River Foods is rooted in a belief and commitment to a healthier lifestyle and environmental responsibility. We moved into an old industrial building and retrofitted it with the latest in green technology to achieve sustainability. We mark a change in the Hudson River Valley with the cleanest manufacturing operation to sit riverside in centuries and are the first large scale organic food company in the Capital Region of New York. We are dedicated to healthier food, for a healthier life and world. 

As stewards of the land in the Hudson River valley we are conscious of leaving our footprint better than when we started.


Our Brands

Hudson River Foods is made up of some of the best brands in the health foods industry. We make foods with integrity that meet the demands of customers who are looking for clean food free from chemicals and fillers. We offer alternatives that present safety for those who need it, and taste profiles that meet tradition so that everyone can be satisfied. We are confident that our family of brands has something to satisfy you. Let us bring you the quality food that you can trust.